KYMAT is a Cymatics Installation and live Show.

Cymatics is the process of visualizing sound and vibrations.

In the beginning there was sound. The reason cymatics exerts such a strong fascination is that we are not conditioned to “see sound”. Cymatics is like a magic tool that unveils the true substance of things audible, but conventionally invisible. With it one can recreate the archetypes of different forms of nature.

KYMAT, by Sven Meyer, presents new findings from the Hamburg laboratory and invites the audience as Mad Professor to participate in an experiment. The experimental setup is simple: a camera is filming a container filled with a little water bottle cap. With meticulous and rich sounds Dr. Meyer added this water to vibrate.

The water in this case acts as a three-dimensional sculpture that translates the sound into images.

Sound is visible and tangible. Organic patterns, cell divisions, mandalas, ice crystals, the Flower of Life.

In a never-ending interplay of chaos and order, the symbols and basic shapes our world architecture.

KYMAT makes massive Chill Out & Water Sound Images – a Visualized Sound Therapy.

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