kouichi okamoto – re-rain

Cycles of nature, energy, matter and movement. There is a process of the cosmos which is expressed among different forces and dimensions of the universe, not just collapsing but getting renewed on each microsonic perception, such as the one of a drop of water and its granularity and complexity. All entities, in all their forms and reactions are intertwined, inter-penetrated, as in “re-rain”, a sound installation by Kouichi Okamoto, who, using umbrella, speakers, sinker, wire, digital amplifier, mp3 player and electric cords, aims to produce a intricate phenomena result of using gravity, magnetic force, and electrical power to mix patterns of sonic data.


“This installation is created with the sound of rain sampled in Japan early spring of 2016.The sound of raindrops hitting an umbrella are recorded, and is then played back from a speaker. The umbrella is set on top of a speaker, and the vibration of the speaker is transmitted through the umbrella to make a sound. For example, an umbrella cannot vibrate if the magnetic force of the speaker is small or if the rain hitting the umbrella is either too high or too low in pitch extent. For this reason, this is a device picking out a state in which the magnetic force of the speaker, weight of the umbrella, and pitch extent of sound are all in a balanced state.Natural phenomena such as rain travels through an object and is emitted as sound to the air. Through “Re-rain,” we can feel that people and all the places we live are all connected through a cycle.”

more info: kyouei design

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.