Journal of Sonic Studies: Call for Papers – Soundscapes of Latin America

Along with Pedro Oliveira from Brazil, I am honored to be guest editor in the upcoming issue of the journal of sonic studies, dedicated entirely to Latin America.

Music, radio, and TV broadcasts; blaring loudspeakers, public announcements, street vendors; city sounds, sounds of progress, sounds of revolution, or sounds of change; sounds deliberately produced or emerging unintentionally, serving a disciplinary function or expressing forms of freedom; musical as well as non-musical (functional) sounds; overwhelming natural sounds of rain forests, the pampas, and highlands.

Latin America is filled with sounds; indeed, its cities might count among the noisiest of the world, in notable contrast with the (relative) quietness of its rural areas and wild nature. Is it possible to identify specific Latin American soundscapes? How can they be characterized? What can be heard there? How should we listen to them, experience them, affect and be affected by them? What is their political, social, religious, ethical, economic, aesthetic influence or meaning?

The Journal of Sonic Studies is searching for scholarly and artistic contributions that deal with the connections and relationships between Latin American history, culture, society, and politics and the production, distribution, and reception of sounds, noises, and silence. The broader aim of this special issue is to establish “sound” as an analytical category that provides us with challenging perspectives on and a new understanding of Latin America. Therefore, our call does not focus on a particular historical period or research methodology, but seeks to bring together scholars and artist-researchers who share an interest in Latin American soundscapes.

Themes for submission may include but are not limited to:

    • The sonic identity of any Latin American space
    • Differences between Western and Latin American soundscapes
    • Latin American (contemporary) sound art
    • The role, position, and function of music in contemporary Latin American societies
    • Sonic histories of Latin America
    • Listening cultures of Latin America
    • Politics of sounds or the sounds of politics in Latin America
    • The role of silence in Latin American societies and/or discourses
      • The role of sounds in Latin American religious practices
    • Rural “versus” urban soundscapes


Potential contributors are invited to submit completed essays by September 1, 2019.

For more information, or to submit an essay, please contact noise@sonicstudies.org

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