jamie drouin & lance austin olsen – sometimes we all disappear

somethimes we all disappearComposition is often understood as a process of adding, mutating and organizing sounds, but with artists like James Drouin and Lance Austin Olsen is demonstrated that it is also an art of dispensing, dissolving and reducing elements. Sometimes we all disappear, perhaps everything does, melted in memory in order to be, as if listening to what is sounding consisted on forgetting what is sounding; even the listener forgets himself, moves on its own transience. In an improvised ritual, the mentioned artists exhibit “silent” distances that not only foster the act of hearing but lead to an intimate encounter with the sonic forms as such, in this case delivered from a modular synthesizer, some radio frequencies and subtle micro-appearances of various objects; extended in such a way that challenges the notion of “piece” as it is ejected from its space and gets renewed as every sound (dis)appears in scene. (another timbre)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.