Into the Wood

Into the Wood is an environment-themed electro-acoustic performance that uses wood as its main source of sound for the creation of sound textures, rhythms and melodies. The resulting sound lays the foundations for building a new relationship between timber and humans: wood is a living material !

Into the Wood is a forest of sound, where the acoustic properties of wood take on the semblance of electronic music and ritual music. Sound is created in real time through the use of objects, wooden instruments (amplified by microphones and digitally adapted), and live nature recordings of mini ‘tree hugging’ performances and of forests themselves. The performance unfolds within a wooden cube, where the artist manipulates plywood boards, branches and tree bark to make sound, against a video backdrop screening the story of wood from a visual point of view. the cube is the centre of the action. inside, the artist has his console, from where he controls and manipulates sound. the back and side walls are dotted with wooden objects, held up by elastics and shelves.

Project by Fabio Battistetti | Official site

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.