“Indica: Sounds from India”, by Claudio Curciotti

New release available for download at Impulsive Habitat.

Claudio Curciotti travels the world recording sounds that explore the loudness of contemporary world and its relation to the many cultural aspects of different societies. On “Indica: Sounds from India” (his second release with IH) he explores the loudness produced by human activity, machines and environments on cities such as New Delhi, Mumbay and Varanasi. India is a country Claudio knows very well through his project “Loud India” where he is involved as a phonographer, photographer and video artist capturing images and sounds and presenting them to the world on different formats. Indica features a sound release composed by short fragments and a book with photos taken by Claudio and Eleonora Trani.

More about Claudio and Eleonora’s work at field abuse.

Miguel Isaza M

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