honor harger & tez – sideralia #01 ionosphere

tzIt is possible to understand the micro-temporality of sound from an identification of the complex interactions that occur in only a few seconds of audio. The world of sound roams between real and imaginary, synthetic and organic, abstract and concrete, etc, but in the microsonic world is not commonly easy to define such differences. Extraction and combination of sounds on scales below the object open ways for rethinking materiality from the miniature, which is not something small in terms of the listening experience but in our take on matter itself. In the case of this interesting sonic study published in leerraum, we do not need to find concepts that suit the auditory realm, and it is worth the large space that can be generated with the interaction of exotic and delicate sound events, also articulating micro-features that enable temporal dissociation and make them feel like micro-organisms of listening.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.