haptic – excess of vision

excess of visionIn the concrete (in)substantiality of sounds, all categories tend to be fuzzy, vague and useless. The invisible experience reveals the inconsistency of the listening phenomena in regard to common adjectives given to other sensory objects, here offering a successive fluid that one can barely brand as material, as it speaks over a deep exercise of integration between fixed sound and repeated listening. Recordings are here (un)located, repeated, joined and bonded in a single polyvalent drone, creating a massive tissue between permanent forms and their inevitable dissolution, as in the first track; but also mutate as landscapes that assume certain reality without losing openness to micro-variation, as in the second track where, in stillness, the listener finds a home beyond tension and fullness, a contemplation of movement, an ode to concentration and to the innate ability of being attentive to sound. (notice recordings)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.