Going Deaf, Gordon Hempton Races to Finish His “Quiet Planet” Work


In a very touching interview, Gordon Hempton, known as “The SoundTracker” talks about an illness he has that is leaving him deaf. Can’t imagine how hard it should be for him (or any other person) to lose their listening faculties, so Gordon: if you read this, we’re with you! Good luck on finishing that amazing work you’ve been doing over these years and so many thanks for being such a big inspiration for all of us listeners and recordists.

“I miss the sounds, I miss it,” he said. “I feel so connected when I can listen to the place I am. The difference between hearing where you are and not is like the difference being awake and not.”

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If you want to know more about Gordon’s work and its passion for sound, I totally recommend you the SoundTracker documentary, entirely done about him. It’s very interesting and inspiring.