frank bretschneider + steve roden – suite nuit

LINE_067_sleeveThere are scales of rhythm in which space is a bidirectional alliance between time and shape, influencing the perception of space but also the space for perception, as in Suite Nuit, where Frank Bretschneider and Steve Roden are merged into two sonic torrents that envelop rhythms in a mutable speed, full of audible transmutations, mathematically crafted pulses and a wide range of timbres. The first piece is about constantly reshaping a massive flow of particles and malleable structures that maintain a close relationship while transformed in exotic ways. The second one is pure microsonic wonder, achieving an open trend in which granular details, spaced frequencies and subtle atmospheres become predominant. Such an intense work able to enhance listening by constantly giving sequences that move the ears through unfathomable paths of vibration, space and form, here inter-connected under their own laws. (LINE)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.