france jobin – the illusion of infinitesimal

karu27_front_coverOne single point, to another single point. With no time, only sound. Listening is maybe the art of touching the infinite, at least when sound comes in such delicate way as France Jobin does it on her latest album. It allows to listen to a wave of silence, besides the sonic one. The artist becomes a creator of inaudibility, using the finest structures of auditory phenomena in order to establish a field of merging where the work speaks clear by leaving a question floating: infinite listening or infinite sound? Maybe what we listen is just an endless dream, a silent memory that can be found in the most basic and delicate forms of audio, which are only obtained if a quest for equilibrium is set, as Jobin wisely says, “a chance to refine the unique essence of each sound and composition, in an effort to better communicate intent without influencing its unfolding, a delicate balance between perfection and detachment”.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.