Framework 500!


Framework radio is celebrating their 500th show! A perfect opportunity to congratulate and support the amazing work this project has been doing over the years. Let’s hope more amazing shows and sounds will follow!

And that’s not all… They’re celebrating with a new release!

on february 22nd, 2015, we aired our 500th show. 500, folks! that’s a big number.

we began airing on resonancefm in london on june 14th, 2002. we now air on 13 stations around the world, from london to tartu to brasilia, and stream and podcast from our own website to thousands of listeners. we are very proud of the progress we have made, and hope to be able to keep going for at least another 500.

to celebrate this important moment in our history, we are publishing a new 3-disc compilation, framework500. we invited the artists who participated in framework editions first release, celebrating our 250th edition, to return with a new work. 29 of them agreed, and we are proud to present those works here, slow burnt onto the highest quality CDRs, and housed in a beautiful origami sleeve made from locally produced recycled stock from the räpina paberivabrik and letterpressed on the historical machines at the studio.tartuensis.

what’s more, we have the amazing opportunity to be present for both the production of our very own paper stock, and its printing, and will thusly be able to include on the release recordings of both of these processes. so you can hold framework500 in your hand, while you listen to the sounds of the paper you are touching being made, and the words you are reading being printed. many, many thanks to mihkel peedimaa and lemmit kaplinski for making this possible. we are very proud to be able to produce this object with local materials in collaboration with local artisans.

framework500 is available to framework supporters in exchange for a minimum donation of 40€, via the donations bar on the right. framework is a 100% volunteer effort, and we rely on listener support to be able to continue. please support your favorite radio show today!

the release is still in production (shipping, we estimate, by the end of march), but we are taking pre-orders now. we are also offering a special early adopters thank you pack with the first 50 orders, including many extra treats provided by our participating artists.

More info/pre-order: framework500 release

LISTEN: #500! 2015.02.22

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.