Encore Un Peu De Ce Monde. FLAVIEN GILLIÉ
(self-release 2012)

Review by David Vélez

Hélécine, une éolienne
A dry swinging sound starts in an annoying way but after a few seconds the annoyance and dryness become enjoyable.

Parc Josaphat
Running water in a way it has been presented before.

Voie Quatre
A rattling sound whose source I couldn’t recognize helps the work to become really interesting at this point. The moving car sounds feels a bit intrusive in relation to the rattling sound but the piece is actually quite effective, subtle and yet powerful.

Une petite pluie et un avion
Water and birds in a way they have been presented before but at 0:24 a soft grunting sound emerges and takes the piece to another level. Later the grunting sound is gone but its absence makes now that the water and birds to sound different. At 1:30 the sound of what seems like an airplane takes the piece to a new place, the plane droning sounds create a piece within a piece; finally when the airplane is gone the birds and water sound better than ever before. A piece that points out to interesting questions.

Enfants sous la pluie
The piece sounds a little too electronic but have to say that at the end the textures, voices and drones make me to feel good about it.

Abattoirs d’Anderlecht
I enjoyed it so much I completely forgot I was actually working on a review. Very simple and still very effective.

Métro Clémenceau
The piece starts in a crowded, chaotic and mechanical manner reaching a peak at 0:50; then things start to fade out and then a swinging sound similar to the one in ‘Hélécine, une éolienne’ enters in a sort of disturbing, repetitive, rusty and frictional way. The piece takes an amazing turn at 1:50 when something happens in terms of movement and friction: seemingly the swinging sound that we were listening was a moving train and at this moment the breaks violently slow down and finally stop the train in a sequence of events that totally impressed me: beautiful.

Tubulaire au balcon
This is the piece that made me wanted to review this work in the first place. Very cinematographic and emotional. The tubular sound that goes through all the piece draws a beautiful tension that sort of glues the other sounds into an amazing emotional structure. The absolute peak of the release and of the really nice pieces of concrete composition that I heard through 2012.


[Flavien Gillié, photo courtesy of Impulsive Habitat]

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