Field Recording Survival Kit


Spanish sound artist Edu Comelles has published a nice post on his blog dedicated to talk about his personal kit for field recording on a budget.

Ok, things in Spain are tough right now, and spanish economy is not the kind of environment in which you wanna go around claiming money to “preserve and record the soundscape”. Come on guys, people are being evicted from their houses, who the fuck cares about field recordings?

So, since we will all end up sleeping under the bridge, in the mean time, here’s solution to gear up your field recordist kit. This obviously won’t save you but it will allow you to continue feeding your sound-Diogenes syndrome and at the same time keep a save distance between you and the heroine-infested slum.

Joking apart, here I leave you a suggestion: if you wanna get started on the field recordings world and not to spend too much money on heavy duty stuff that you actually do not need as long as Pixar doesn’t recruit you, here it is an option.

This is, by the way, my very own personal kit. Apart from being the most economical solution I also think that this is the best equipment I had so far in terms reliability, quality and conformability. It just fits my needs perfectly.

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Miguel Isaza M

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