fabio perletta – field: atom(s) entropy”

CS01Although digital sound art is essentially operated by technology, its real  transcendence is found when the listening experience leads the listener to a deeper connection with the subtlety of the self, like facing the shadow of any possible universe; a sonic bridge to the unconscious. When listening to pieces such as Fabio Perletta’s “Field: Atom(s) Entropy” published at his own label Farmacia901, you get the idea. The sudden appearance of small particles of sound creates a reflection of time not only present in the delicateness of the sonic micro-montage process, but also in the meticulously placed moments of nothingness. A cyclic and yet diverse cloud of microsounds get articulated in really precise ways, building vast environments and fragile plaints inhabited by a convergence of all sonic possibilities inside the emptiness of listening; wide and open, as the listener while resting after the player stops the piece.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.