ennio mazzon – ceriselcicles

coverThe territories of listening have a multi-dimensional behavior, so combining them through algorithmic systems, exposes the reality of the sonic space into an intimate point that requires new approaches to the notion of proportion, magnitude, layers and events. Ceriselcicles relates sound to graphics and data elements to tell a story in which fine and massive phenomena are filled with rest and inrush in order to surprise the ear, not only by the use of mixed grains, lean frequencies, frantic field recordings, and exquisite morphological structures but also by a commitment to the delicateness of the gaps in which is achieved a surreal temporal progression and an ongoing questioning of space; examining extremes of texture in contrast to uninhabited corners of the composition, both being the architects of the (un)expected, wizards of an attentive and curious listening placed with caution in an array based on deconstruction. (ripples)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.