emiliano romanelli – 333 loops (volume 1)

romanelli_333loops1_te02Sound is not in space; sound is space. For the listener, space is just echo, and echo is sound. The acoustic dimension is 100% full of sonic matter able to build the illusion of space depending on its transformation, malleability, resonance, multiplication; elements that, when explored correctly, lead to immersive experiences where the listener is challenged to be sound and not just to hear it. A great example of that is “333 loops” by Emiliano Romanelli, who recorded and multiplied loops live at the cloister of Ex Convento dei Cappuccini in Italy, in order to construct a tonal network of echoes that creates a journey over time; tranquil and open sound fluids able to take perception into sublime fields, submerging the ears into an atmosphere that you don’t get to remember because it remains floating in a place between the silent ghosts of the past and “the monotonous sound of the future”. An endless listening.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.