darren mcclure – the world is made of words

a1608051797_10The possibilities of prolongated listening are often overwhelming, expediting the whole being to new dimensions of an embodied fantasy, exempted from the traditional shapes and arranged for new encounters with the nature of all that exists. The world is made of words, and words are sounds, sounds appearing like flashes of apparent realities; indelible territories, ethereal traces, like those left here by Darren McClure, who finds a way of exposing a sonic world in which a listening frame is set as a way of detachment and immersion through time. An ever-changing and gentle audible world that weaves a dreamlike texture that gets resolved a majestic listening action, distilled from any theoretical or morphological saturation and open to raise fluids that transcend from a soft atmosphere that stores intriguing microsounds within: grains floating around the immeasurable space, becoming vivid worlds themselves. (yugen art)