darren mcclure – softened edges

a1701190090_2Sonic time scales does not really know about borders. Although the difference in scale is given in those frontiers, the interesting thing is that a change in one scale is a change in the other and that’s why microsound processing opens the possibility to not only reflect changes in the micro environments but also soundscapes and macro objects, all of them are built from particles. The artist Darren McClure tells about that in “Softened Edges“, a short limited edition CD in which a conglomerate of soft tonalities and sequences full of granular variations, build atmospheres that exceed any dichotomy between the abstract and the organic, resulting in a minimalist conception of landscapes created from few elements that are able to give a sense of grandeur not possible with other kind of structures. In sound design processes such as McClure’s, it feels natural, both in the compositional craft as in the direct act of listening.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.