danny clay – ganymede


Listening is matchless, so ineffable in its own language that only the act of detention is able to glimpse the real state of a composition, or even the listener as such. True to this premise is ganymede, an album by Danny Clay that seeks for a fragile link that joins the states of innocence and pluralism, offering a dialectic between grain and melody that generates a vibrant textures that have little to do with what is conventionally found in the mixture of sine waves, found objects and certain instruments, in this case a prepared turntable. Clay achieves an atmosphere that calls for the contemplation of transitory journeys that ultimately work as a faithful portrayal of our trail in existence, inviting second by second to a calmed but exotic situation that despite of daring to be fully defined, seduces the listener with its very own charm; captivating, fascinating and gradually leading the mind to an encounter of a peaceful outlook. (hibernate)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.