Creative Miking Techniques, by Diego Stocco

Diego Stocco has released their third tutorial video from his Feedforward Sound series.

From my point of view, even in these days where plugins, controllers and apps have become important tools for music production and sound design, being able to effectively and creatively use microphones remains essential, because creating original sounds from all kind of acoustic sources remains essential.

As you probably noticed from my previous works, I like to focus on non-traditional techniques, and I’m constantly experimenting with ways to explore the acoustic properties of objects and instruments from different perspectives. With this tutorial, I’m sharing with you guys the most effective techniques I’ve came up so far, techniques that I have expanded and optimized for the purpose of this tutorial.

In this video tutorial you’ll see my approach on using microphones in a dynamic and performative way, how to acoustically process synth sounds, using mics with custom built instruments, customizations and my guidelines on using contact mics.

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