Cities and Memory: Oblique Strategies


On 10 April, 63 sound artists and musicians from across the world will reimagine the sounds of the world, using Eno and Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies cards as inspiration.

Cities and Memory: Oblique Strategies sees more than 50 source field recordings from 19 countries all over the world reimagined using only the Oblique Strategies cards to define their direction and inspiration.

The project is housed on an interactive sound map at citiesandmemory.com, featuring: 58 locations over 19 countries, from Bangladesh and China to the USA and Canada; 63 sound artists, musicians and field recordists taking part from across the world; A total of 110 separate Oblique Strategies cards used in the creative process.

The sounds from across the world are as diverse as the clatter of vintage printing presses, a shimmering chorus of insects, Hawaiian waves, the clamour of an English football match, the busying thrum of an international airport, the calm of a Buddhist temple and the power of a driving thunderstorm.

The remixed versions range from musical tracks built from the original samples, drone and ambient pieces built from field recordings, abstract interpretations of the original sounds and frantic cutups elaborately constructed from the source sounds.

An album of highlights from the project, entitled Cities and Memory: Oblique Strategies, will be released digitally later in April via citiesandmemory.bandcamp.com.

There are currently more than 550 sounds featured on the sound map at the site, spread over 32 countries.

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Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.