Chris Watson On Listening, Recording Nature Sounds


Some stuff from Chris Watson. Interesting as always:

An article at The Quietus on recording the music of the natural world:

In Cabaret Voltaire, Chris Watson used tape loops and field recordings as a pioneer of industrial music. Now, he is a sound recordist for BBC nature programmes who also works on installations, films and his own albums. He speaks to Luke Turner about trying to capture the sound of the world in a very noisy modern age.

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And an interview at Snyk Radio:

In this Interview, Chris Watson talks about the art of listening, of hearing versus listening, and he plays examples of sound recordings he has made all over the world – from starlings in his garden in England, a lioness in East Africa to the sound of oceans.

“Listening is key. Having the ability to listen is a learned function. It is a very creative activity, not passive and important for all aspects of our daily lives. Listening is not a light artistic whim, it is quite a deep emotional and creative experience. Where as hearing, we hear everything, but we rarely get the chance to focus and listen.”

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.