chris strickland – animal expert

Chris-Strickland-Animal-ExpertWe carry sounds from one place to another and thereby places from one sound to another; blending what’s occupied with the content itself, such as in Animal expert where, without getting attached to a single compositional line, Chris Strickland achieves a remarkable combination of field recordings, digital signals and microsonic fauna that results in an exemplary dynamic in which spaces are transferred over time as a pluri-dimensional maze where contrary to getting lost, the listener is multiplied and immersed in the morphological variety offered by an imminent link between timescales, leading to a dialogic situation between object and landscape in both micro, meso and macro forms which, in direct reciprocity with spaced moments of emptiness, manage to build a single narrative through acousmatic networks that transmute as a textural continuum capable of transcending the polarities of the sound event as such. (caduc.)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.