chihei hatakeyama – winter storm

WPMC013_artIt’s fascinating to hear how the ethereal condition of sound is able to reflect the ephemeral and subtle fibers of reality. At some listening states, there’s no matter, no space-time, not even a listener; just pure sound. Chihei Hatakeyama approaches to these ghostly features of sound like a way of portraying  dreams vanishing in a second, tracing cozy atmospheres and intangible clouds that create an engaging feeling of purity and embodiment. One by one, these audible pieces behave as soft environments that release the listener from all constraints, using time’s elasticity as an ally when it comes to produce an experience that reaches a contemplative and peaceful mood that exceeds the limits of the ears from the emergence of spectral landscapes that trigger a state of awareness in which more than transporting the listener to a place, the album makes the listener a habitable universe where sound travels freely, silent. (wpm)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.