Call for Residencies – Tsonami International Sound Art Festival 2016


Tsonami International Sound Art Festival, is now receiving submissions for this year’s edition … from artists, theoreticians, researchers, architects or any interested parties, to develop proposals of sound research projects that will take place in the city of Valparaíso, Chile, within the context of the 10th version of Tsonami Sound Art Festival.

Understanding the contemporary city as a complex, dynamic and heterogenous territory, where diverse interests that articulate and tense the urban tapestry, live together. Valparaíso is characterized by the precarious balance in which multiple social, economic and political forces coexist. These forces stress a chaotic urban territory, where spaces of social criticism and resistance are generated, as well as a powerful cultural activity that has constituted part of the city’s image, renowned nationally and internationally.

We are looking for projects that will be able to research sound and its relationship with the specific social, spacial and urban aspects of Valparaíso. Projects that focus on the development of work processes and methodologies that question one of the many problems and tensions that inhabit this city. These can be global problems associated to contemporary cities, anchored in the specificity that a port city entails, or questions related to certain particularities of territory, leaving the elaboration of possible links between sound and urban/social aspects as an open choice.

Some of the possible research topics can be:

1. Cultural Heritage, abandonment and ruin
2. City of catastrophes
3. Sound and gentrification (soundtrification)
4. Coastline, port city
5. Sonic urban identity
6. Public spaces, absence of green areas
7. Popular culture and local identity
8. Informal and street trading
9. Self-construction, urban planning and speculation
10.Horizontal city v/s vertical city, flatland v/s hills, urban topography
11.Orality and local micro-history
12.City of migrantes, city of transit
13.Cultural city
14.Social ear, the listening of the porteño
15.Sounds in extintion, historic listening
16.Autonomies and communitary organization, activism

This residency is not centered in the results, but it is so in the processes, which will be documented in a collective editorial exercise towards the end of the residency, and
will be presented as part of the Festival’s program during the month of December. Nevertheless, each selected applicant is free to produce actions or pieces as he or she sees fit, within their own capabilities.”

Requirements, conditions and dates at the official site.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.