Call for Recordings: Kinokophonography 2015


Kinokophone welcomes curious listeners to join us for Kinokophonography.  Kinokophonography is a curated sound cinema event that features audio works from around the world.  It is a public gathering in celebration of the sounds around us.  The event explores the experience of listening by sharing sound recordings and discussing what the process of making them can bring to life.

We are very pleased to be collaborating once again with the British Library and Cheryl Tipp, curator of Wildlife & Environmental Sounds to bring Kinokophonography to London!  If you would like to submit a track for the event, please see our call for recordings below.

In the meantime, why not have a listen the Kinokophonography Radio Retrospective?

Call for Recordings

Kinokophone welcomes submissions by field recordists, phonographers and artists to share in a collective listening experience at the next Kinokophonography Wednesday, 27th May, 2015 at the British Library in London.  Works can be un-edited field recordings or compilations. Please note that we have stereo playback capability. To respond to our call for recordings click on the button below.

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