@c – Re:Barsento


Galaverna publishes a new great work called Re:Barsento, by @c (Pedro Tudela & Miguel Carvalhais).

*107* was composed in Barsento during the artistic residency *Barsento Mediascape*, promoted by Interferenze, in June 2013 and was premiered at Teatro Rossini in Gioia del Colle on the 22nd. This version was mixed and mastered in Porto in 2014.*107* is inspired by the landscape and the geography of the Barsento region. Besides the incorporation of field recordings and other sounds captured on location, the structure of the piece echoes the features of the region as well as some of its particular social and cultural aspects. The three movements of the piece are organized in a earthbound succession, starting at the ground level, where rocks are found and used for agriculture, masonry, the trulli, etc., and descending towards the ground, where earth and rock blend and sustain a rich agriculture. In the final movement we reach water, a historically rare commodity in the region, traditionally obtained from wells tapping groundwater, or collected from the limited rains and seasonal snowfall and preserved either in closed constructions or, again, underground. *107* departs from the open and vast exterior and progresses towards the closed spaces, the inner structures, either naturally occurring — such as the grottos — or man-made. With rocks we discover the construction of artifacts, architecture and even nature itself, sustained by the nourishing land, and leading to the throbbing pulses and breathing of life.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.