Brazil’s Blind Birdman

BBC News has made a small video on the amazing work of Juan Pablo Culasso, a recordist highly sensible to nature sounds, specially those from birds.

Uruguayan Juan Pablo Culasso, 29, has been blind since birth but he has become one of the best “birdwatchers” in South America.

His father encouraged him to play birdsong on the piano as a child and took him to a museum to feel their feathers.

Now Juan Pablo lives in Brazil and works professionally as a nature sound recordist.

In 2014 he won a continent-wide TV contest, Supercerebros (Super Brains), thanks to his exceptional memory of birdsong.

BBC News joined Juan Pablo as he went in search of more exotic sounds.

If you understand Spanish, here’s also another great video from a Conference Juan Pablo gave here in Medellin, Colombia. Check it out at our friend site Resonancia.

More info on Culasso’s work.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.