Binaural Walk through Waterloo Station, by Michael Maroussas

Michael Maroussas has published a great post about a recording he recently did on a train station, using binaural microphones:

I bought myself a new pair of mics for Christmas – MM-BSM-8 In-Ear Binaural Microphones (mine are a new, smaller design than the ones shown in the link) from Microphone Madness in the States.  I’m embarrassed to tell you that I’ve only just got round to trying them out…..

I’ve started taking a slightly different route into the West End recently, which means my train now takes me into Waterloo where I catch the tube.  The walk from the train platforms down to the tube takes you through quite a network of tunnels and corridors, and I’ve been struck recently by how interesting this walk is sonically, with acoustics changing quite significantly every 20-30 meters.

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