Bernie Krause on “Soundscapes – The Sounds of the Natural World” Podcast

ABC Radio International has published a new episode of “The Science Show” with world-famous American bioacoustician Bernie Krause. On the show, he shares amazing stories of nature recording in amazing places over the world, and also showcases several examples of his recordings and music compositions.

Bernie Krause records soundscapes. For over forty years, he has been recording in habitats all over the world. As well as wind and surf, these are the sounds of animals, as they call, and crow and cry out. Bernie has been monitoring changes in environmental soundscapes as humans have encroached, forcing animals to change their behaviour, or pushing them out completely. He says many of the sites of his early recordings are now silent. His vast archive of recordings are to be housed at Purdue University. It’s to be called the Center for Soundscape Studies. Bernie’s book about recording soundscapes is due for publication in late 2011. This talk was given at the California Academy of Sciences. It includes examples of ants singing!

The podcast is highly recommended. You can download it and read a transcription here. (Via @aconica)

Miguel Isaza M

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