ben owen – birds and water 4

ben owen birds and water 4Just a gentle dose of sound repetition is needed to realize the immeasurable state of temporary detachment that the listening activity is capable of providing. In Birds and Water 4, Ben Owen enacts two servings of drones capable of stimulating perception in unimaginable routes, perhaps incapable of being condensed into mere adjectives and conclusions because of the immersion caused by such unsurpassed work. One might think that is listening to the same microsounds repeatedly, but every millisecond exposes a new universe of possibilities and details that emerge once the act of listening is not only invited but invaded, thus generating an atmosphere that is located in the timeless to narrate rather than stories, states; rather than time, space. It is a multidimensional infiltration, enabled to break the conditions of the clock hands and throw the listener to courses that dissolve the ears in their own search. (notice recordings)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.