Béchard + Hudon — Oscillations du quotidien I / Daily Waverings I

Béchard + Hudon is an artistic duo mixing arts into an interesting reflection on objects, sounds and movement. Oscillations du quotidien I / Daily Waverings I is a kinetic sound installation made of acrylic triangles, fiber glass, wood, metal, stepper motors, electronic and audio. It is conceived as a mural in which several elements move to “construct and deconstruct geometric figures “construct and deconstruct geometric figures in more or less slow rhythm.”

The idea behind is driven by Edwin Abbott’s Flatland, a fictional tale about a two-dimensional society, in which some interesting geometric, philosophical and political paradigms are explored.  “This two-dimensional social allegory examines the physical and conceptual limits of human perception” the artists state, “and suggests that everyday three-dimensional objects have a superior four-dimensional spatial reality.”

“The sound landscape of Daily Waverings I is the result of the live capture of the motors’ movements and of their rotational speed. Inductance sensors placed on each motor pick up their magnetic fields and translate into sound their electrical oscillations. This sound is modulated by the motors’ speed variations. Various capacitors placed on each motor also produce pitch variations of the vibratory audio frequencies.”

The installation was exhibited this year at ELLEPHANT, Montreal (Quebec) Canada, between May 7 and June 10, as part of the International Digital Art Biennal (BIAN)