asmus tietchens – ornamente

a3755034869_16The atom is a way of valuing the macro, creating a challenge in the way we listen to the conglomerate of micro-noises  that are revealed in the sonic continuum. A grain is a condensed sonic universe, an archetypical point of texture in which particle invites to the whole timbre. In ‘ornamente’ it is inconclusive, always wandering as a fragile but intense granular structure in which sound matter is transmigrated from trifles, bits and points. Emptiness turns to be sonic, a grandiloquent ocean of inter-conections of ephemeral, fast vibrations which, among hunting sweeps and resonant quarks, gets microscopically weaved as a network of transitory nano-structures; micro-ghosts. An orchestra of miniature spectra which, when it comes to listening, doesn’t result merely diminutive, but expansive. It worth as many listenings as grains you can count when attending to each piece. (line)