Arctic Terns Attack

Timothy Muirhead recently published a very cool post, featuring recordings of arctic terns, who not only made some great sounds but also attacked the recordist!

As we explored the island we discovered (or rather were discovered by) a bird that was not shy at all, the Arctic Tern. We had arrived during their hatching season.  These birds are fiercely territorial and they will attack aggressively if someone comes close to a nest. There was a clearly marked path that we were warned to stay on but on this day the terns decided that even the well-worn path was cutting it too close and they swooped down from the sky with fury as we walked through the south part of the island. I quickly busted out my mic and hit record, using the windscreen for protection as the birds dive-bombed at my face. They were relentless.

Full article and sounds at Azimuth Audio.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.