A Short History of Acoustic Ecology


Great audio documentary produced by Chris Wood, Camara Miller and Nathan Clarkson and mastered by Magdalena Kasperek dedicated to acoustic ecology and published at The Banff Centre Blog.

A Short History of Acoustic Ecology’ is part one of our two-part documentary investigating the history and influence of the Acoustic Ecology movement. This 30-minute program features new interviews with original WSP members Hildegard Westerkamp and Barry Truax and contemporary scholars Randolph Jordan, Vincent Andrisani and Milena Droumeva. These talks are accompanied with documented lectures and material from the World Soundscape Project’s archive of environmental recordings.

Part two, ‘The Canada Collection: A World Soundscape Project Montage from 1973, takes a sonic trip across Canada as heard 40 years ago, starting in the Maritimes and finishing along the West Coast. This piece is made entirely from sound collected on Bruce Davis and Peter Huse’s trip and you can hear them throughout, including at the start when it’s too windy to collect a sound. There are many interesting clips in this piece, from a time when slap shots were still off-limits in street hockey and Paul Henderson was racking up goals for the Maple Leafs. Watergate was occupying the radio and LPs were $3.93.


Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.