The Field Reporter Radio #5
programmed by uncredited

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1. (fragment) ISZ from Form 01 from “Forms” (Inside 2011)
2. (fragment) CHRIS WHITEHEAD from Tethys from “Gryphaea”
(Obs 2012)
3. (fragment) THE BEIGE CHANNEL from Part One from
“The Nail House of Yang Wu” (Stasisfield 2011)
4. Moraine GLENN BACH from “Radia” (Dust, Unsettled 2012)
5. (fragment) MARK VERNON from Untitled (track 1)
from “Static cinema” (Entr’acte 2012)
6. (fragment) FRANCOIS-EMMANUEL FODERE from Enfer Mecanique from “3pr(iii)3 ses” (Earsheltering 2012)
7. (fragment) GLENN BACH from Basin 1 from “Radia”
(Dust, Unsettled 2012)