The Field Reporter on Framework Radio


To record or not to record, to process or not no process, to compose or not to compose

Patrick McGinley is a key figure in the phonographic work with his radio program Framework Radio that has been running since 2002. He kindly invited me representing the Field Reporter to program a radio show and I immediately accepted. When I was a kid I was a big radio listener mostly in the late night when they played music without intermissions, so now to program a radio show is quite a special experience that I am very pleased and thankful to have.

On this show I put together a series of artists and works with different approaches to the action of recording and to the use given to those recordings. Each one of the fragments and pieces deals with unique questions and aspects of importance in the line of work.

Every decision the sound artist makes is essential in the understanding of his role as sound artist and in the relevance and effectiveness of his work. Personally I believe that a sound artist is medium between his unique and personal experience (and all the questions, reflections and images that arise from that experience) and the listener’s experience when his questions, reflections and images are reflected in his experience with the sound work. The artist is a potential medium between the universe he is part and aware of and him as part of the universe that is aware of itself through him. The articulation of the artist’s questions is sound when he becomes a proper medium, when he realizes that there is a door to a transcendental and meaningful perceptual experience in every moment of the listening and sensible experience.

I hope the listeners enjoy the show as much as I did putting it together.

– Alan Smithee

Framework Radio
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