10 Curious Field Recordings Found on Youtube

Nice article at Dummy on a selection of 10 great field recordings found on Youtube by dj/producer M.E.S.H.

Before M.E.S.H. touches down in London for Tropical Waste – a clubnight dedicated to mutant sound system music that takes place every other month at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington – he’s made a playlist for Dummy consisting up of videos found on the most obscure corners of the internet. M.E.S.H. describes these as “found field recordings with great audio for sampling or blending into a DJ set or just enjoying”, which says just about everything that you need to know. Peruse the list, which comes with some beautifully dry commentary from M.E.S.H., below.

Complete list

(via musicofsound)

Miguel Isaza M

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