Sounds of October: Traffic

These sounds were meant to be a part of another feature that I planned to start here on Sonic Terrain, called ‘Sound Comparisons’. Unfortunately, because of a recent string of commitments I have been unable to get it started. I thought it would be a good idea to feature them as October’s sounds.

The idea was to record traffic at different locations around the world at the same local time. All the sounds on this page were recorded around 6pm (local time) at a busy traffic junction. I have levelled them out to the same loudness (without changing the dynamics) so that it’s easier to pay attention to the content and the relative loudness of the elements within each recording.

If would be wonderful to have people contribute to this post! If you can record traffic in which every city/town you are in at 6pm, do post the link as a comment.

Downtown Orlando, USA

Recorded with a Schoeps CMXY 4V into a 702T @ 96k
Recorded by: Colin Hart
SoundCloud: colin-hart
Twitter: @colinhart

Edinburgh, Scotland

Recorded with a Sony D50
Recorded by: Varun Nair
SoundCloud: ntkeep
Twitter: @ntkeep

Medellín, Colombia

Recorded with a Zoom H2
Recorded by: Miguel Isaza
SoundCloud: misazam
Twitter: @misazam

Bangalore, India

Recorded with a Sony D50
Recorded by: Varun Nair
SoundCloud: ntkeep
Twitter: @ntkeep